2019-11-17 Rendering the Julia set in Golang

2019-04-06 Writing a Quadtree library for Rust

2018-10-23 Pipes in Haskell

2018-02-02 OSC-Responsive 3D Graphics in Rust

2017-12-02 Writing a Solitaire TUI with Lenses and Brick

2017-10-12 Multiprocessing Conway's Game of Life in Erlang

2017-09-02 Puzzle Pong - Irreversible Cube II

2017-08-30 Cornea, an Isometric 3D Graphing Module for Haskell

2017-08-22 Puzzle Pong - Irreversible Cube I

2017-06-25 Puzzle Pong - Least Nonconstructable Positive Integer

2017-05-27 Puzzle Pong - Generating All Possible 4x4 Crosswords

2017-04-29 Solving a Painting Puzzle

2017-04-23 Writing an Aaronson Oracle

2017-01-22 Solving One Tough Puzzle

2016-12-03 Writing a TextTwist Implementation

2016-10-29 Solving the Pairs of Percentages Puzzle

2016-10-15 Optimizing Student Loan Payments

2016-01-31 LaTeX Templates

2015-12-25 Building a Siteswap Visualizer in d3.js

2015-11-15 Design and Construction of a Walking Alarm Clock

2015-08-11 Scraping Wikipedia to Build a Historical Trivia Game

2015-08-06 Generating Fractals with Lindenmayer Systems

2015-07-29 Building a Zoomable JSON Visualizer

2015-07-15 Cultural and Ecological Analysis of Mining in Norrbotten, Sweden

2015-06-01 Design and Operation of a Crowd-Run Distributed Outdoor Game

2015-05-28 A Walkthrough of the Advection-Differencing Scheme

2015-05-15 Energy Optimization of an HVAC System via Numerical Modeling

2015-05-04 Simulating Wind Flow with Star-CCM+ as a Method of Locating High-Velocity Regions

2015-03-17 Design and Characteristics of a Solar Field

2014-06-08 Using Markov Chains to Generate Realistic Song Lyrics

2014-03-14 Partial Mechanical Design of a Pantograph

2013-12-12 Using d3.js to Model the NYC Subway Map Independent of Physical Geometry

2013-12-04 Dimensional Analysis through Brute Force

2013-01-14 Tolerancing Laser-cut Acrylic

2013-01-12 Design and Manufacture of an Dodecahedral Planetarium Made of Laser-Cut Acrylic

2013-01-11 Design and Manufacture of an Orrery Made of Wood

2012-11-03 Circuit Design and Programming of an Arduino Alarm Clock

2012-07-31 Useful Custom Macros for Typesetting Vector Calculus in LaTeX

2012-07-30 Simulating Galactic Chemical Evolution in Python

2011-11-19 Comprehensive Design and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Greenhouse

2011-09-01 Using Python as a Lockpicking Tool