PaperSystematic Energy Utilization Optimization in DesignBuilder

This is a report Akshaya Kumar and I compiled in May 2015, as part of the MJ2437 Modelling of Energy Systems / Energy Utilization course at KTH, in Stockholm. Under the direction of Dr. Jaime Arias, we created a 3D model of one of the lab buildings on campus, complete with elevation / climate information, construction / insulation methods, and first-hand research on HVAC / lighting / power load details. We then populated the model with real information about average activity throughout the year. Tuning this model to match actual power usage data, we were then able to recommend specific HVAC changes, such as the inclusion of a heat recovery system, or the use of a variable air volume HVAC system. Analyzing costs of power vs costs of renovation, we present risk assessments and payback periods for each measure presented.

The model was constructed in a CAD system and the energy simulated using a copy of DesignBuilder furnished by KTH.