PaperMethods of Wind Turbine Placement with Computational Fluid Dynamics

This is a report Tamas Pal and I compiled in May 2015, as part of the MJ2424 Numerical Methods course at KTH, in Stockholm. Under the direction of Bahram Saadatfar and Reza Fakhrai, we created a 3D model of the entire KTH campus, complete with boundary conditions. We then populated the model with real building geometry and elevation/climate data. We then tuned the model with reasonable wind speeds data. Analyzing streamlines and velocity gradients, we were then able to recommend specific locations on KTH campus for the placement of a wind turbine, for maximum annual average wind velocity and minimal downtime.

The model was constructed in a CAD system and the fluid dynamics flow simulated using a copy of Star-CCM+ furnished by KTH.